WHC has started to implement construction projects in line with the objectives of the scheme. Projects shall be implemented in five phases commencing from the Financial Year 2014/2015. While the following projects have been earmarked for phase one, land acquisition in the rest of regions is in progress and more projects will be rolled out in subsequent phases.

Pwani Kibaha-Mailimoja Setelite City 100 flats built just adjacent Morogoro Highway at Kibaha Mailimoja
Dodoma Njedengwa Housing Project (Udom Road) 159 mixed development in a Dodoma Investment Area accompanied with developed road, water and electricity facilities.
Morogoro Mizani Mkundi Housing Project (Dodoma Road) 50 Houses 100m off Dodoma Road and about 10km from Msamvu roundabout.
Mtwara Mangamba Housing Project (Airport Road) Well developed area adjacent to the Mtwara airport road
Mbeya Tunduma-Mpemba Housing Project 2 and 3 bedrooms houses in an upcoming Tunduma town.
Tanga Pongwe City Housing Project Located 18km before Tanga and 100m off the main road.
Mwanza Kisesa Housing Project 58 landed houses and flats in a planned area at Kisesa Mwanza.
Shinyanga Shinyanga Housing Project  
Arusha USA River Housing Project A greenish residence 1.5km off Arusha Road at USA River Town around Ngurdoto ranges.
Lindi Mtwelo Beach Housing Project Project located at Mtwelo Beach in an upcoming planned area of Lindi

  • Bunju- Mabwepande Housing Project: 64 landed houses constructed at Bunju B off Bagamoyo road  along Mabwepande road about 3 km from the main road.
  • Kigamboni-Gezaulole Housing Project: 329 landed and apartment houses constructed at Mwongozo area in Kigamboni District.
  • Watumishi Magomeni Flats: 88 apartment constructed at Usalama in Magomeni off Morogoro Road.

Mixed development. Hoses comprise mainly of 2 to 3 bedrooms. There are single storeys buildings as well as flats.